domestic abuse survivor

This blog is about surviving. It’s very specifically about surviving domestic violence and relationships with narcissists and/or sociopaths. It is about walking through the fire and emerging on the other side, maybe with the edges of your skirt (or jeans)  singed, but alive and intact. Alive, intact and victorious, even though it may take longer than you thought.  This blog is about surviving abuse and the sisterhood (and brotherhood) of victorious survivors. It is about learning how to go forward and create something beautiful when your world has been reduced to rubble around you.It’s about remembering your worth and knowing what you deserve. It is to remind you that it is possible and that there are so many beautiful people and things in the world. It is to remind you to never, ever give up.  It is a place to share your feelings and your fears and to know that you are never, ever alone.

Connect with me here or on Facebook at:

https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008896532578 or at Olivia.Rose2015@yahoo.com.

If you would like to make a donation to further my work you can send it via Pay Pal to Olivia.Rose2015@yahoo.com   Thank you.

Peace and love,

Olivia Rose


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